Perform currency exchange calculations quickly on the move

Currency is a freeware currency database, conversion and calculator utility for the Palm Computing (R) platform and PalmOS(R) compatible devices.

Currency features 146 currencies, the 13 old Euro cuurencies and 10 fully configurable entries for user defined currencies or trade quantities. A fully configurable display enables the synchronous conversion of up to 8 simulataneous currencies.

The exchange rate date is stored for each individual currency, providing an easy mechanism for assessing the validity period of critical rates. A visual warning marks outdated rates. A fully functional algebraic calculator and a single button tax adder / subtractor simplify common arithmetic operations.

The exchange rates can be updated by downloading a small daily updated currency database (cupdate.pdb) from this site and syncing it to your PalmOS device. The update is done daily around 18:00/18:30 UTC with the spot exchange rates for 146 currencies.



Currency 4.2